Sequoia monitors your property 24/7 and provides dispatch services for police, fire, and medical.


  • Real-time  Activity Alerts
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Service & Support


There is no delay in signaling once your alarm sounds. Unlike other companies there is no signal delay when your alarm sounds, we are getting the alarm signal. Other companies will purposely delay the signal when the alarm sounds for as long as two minutes. This means the intruder has two minutes of free time in your home before any action is taken.

Yes your building power, and battery life are monitored along with other devices that can be added to your system such as Smoke, fire, Carbon monoxide, fire sprinkler waterflow, water sensors, freeze detection and more. 

Is my system being watched 24/7? 

Yes all systems are being watched by out U.L. listed dispatch center.

Our rates are substantially less than the National Companies and we provide you with no delay signaling and verification when disarmed.

Most Insurance Companies will provide you with a discounted rate for monitoring your alarm.  When fire devices are included the discount is usually greater