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We do it differently!

home and business Security

We are focused on our clients safety and security first and foremost. Unlike "the other guys." our goal is to secure your home or business and prevent the break-in before it happens - Not just detect it after the fact.

 ​Smith & Son Security Systems

 J. Smith & Sons, Inc.

Fixed Video Intercom Monitor

Trip Beam

The first line of defense for your home or business is  Preventative Security Products. Available at different levels of security and price,  we have summarized our most popular products below:

Portable Video Intercom

Screen Contacts

Detects when a window screen or door screen has been opened or removed

Short Range Trip beam

When the beam is crossed a chime will ring inside your home or office, an audible message is delivered, a video feed starts, an email is sent, video recording begins and the Central Station is notified! No more sneaking around your home or office.

long range trip beam

Same as the short range beam but can be used in back yards, warehouses, parking lots etc.

Trip Beam with Message

Adds a custom deterrent audio message to the beam so that visitors or trespassers know they have been detected

Portable video Intercom

Portable door answering system with front door video and audio through a wireless handset.

Portable video intercom with trip beam

When the beam is tripped, the unit will begin recording, you don't have to wait for someone to press the doorbell.

fixed video intercom with remote call forwarding

Crystal clear video and audio on this system that has a front door camera, 7" monitor, video recording, the ability for multiple stations, and call forwarding to a number you designate. Integrated with the trip beam and a camera, you can see and speak to persons at your home 24/7.

local access video camera

Place a camera at your front door to see live video from your TV any time. Multiple camera options available.

remote access video camera

Access your camera from anywhere you have an internet connection. View live or recorded events