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*Canel line for most of customers

More monitoring at lower prices

We offer comprehensive security monitoring programs, 24/7 monitoring with no delay in response time, and a verification call every single time your alarm is tripped.Stop paying more for less monitoring! Contact us today to find out what program works best for you!

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Why is a local security company better than a national company? Simple: because we care about quality protection for our customers, not just the quantity of accounts we can sign up in a day. Our clients are our neighbors and community members, not just a number in a computer system.


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One customers story

Our customer was out of town and left the door unlocked. Someone came to her home and found they were able to open the door. The alarm was set, the delay timer and beeper started to sound and then the alarm tripped sending a signal to the central station. The invaders were able to silence the alarm because the customer had left the code sitting next to the keypad (bad idea). The alarm was shut off and the central station received the alarm cancel signal. Thankfully that is not the end of the story.

This is where we  differ from the national companies. The central station followed protocol and called the home to verify that everything was okay. When no one answered, they dispatched the police. Because of this  her possessions were still in her home.  Quality protection makes a difference!

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